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Rawleigh's Healthcare

Super Cleaner Concentrate

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For domestic and industrial applications, Rawleigh’s Super Cleaner is a concentrated alkaline cleanser suitable for hard surface ‘spray and wipe’ applications.  Its high pH level provides sanitising properties and has no odour to taint.  Rawleigh’s Super Cleaner Concentrate has been approved by MAF for use in food preparation areas.
Economical  –  use such a little to do so much.
Labour saving  –  just spray on, wait a few minutes, then wipe off.
Biodegradable  –  breaks down to a simple compound by natural biological action.
Safe  –  gentle on hands, non-toxic and non-flammable.
Powerful  –  suitable for the toughest jobs - ovens, BBQ’s, grills, car motors, vinyl, upholstery, smoke damage.
Non-abrasive – won’t scratch surfaces.

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